Sentence Examples with the word outflow

In the Wisdom of Solomon it is the sharer of God's throne (71-6.pfapos), the effulgence of the eternal light and the outflow of His glory (Wisd.

In 1498, Columbus, when exploring the Gulf of Pal-la, which receives a large part of the outflow of the Orinoco, noted the freshness of its waters, but made no examination of their origin.

The principal port on the western shore, Listvinichnoe, near the outflow of the Angara, is an open roadstead at the foot of steep mountains.

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In the best filters an automatic arrangement for the measurement of the supply to each separate filter, and for the regulation of the quantity within certain limits, is adopted, and the resistance at outflow is so arranged that not more than a certain head of pressure, about 22 ft., can under any circumstances come upon the surface film, while a depth of several feet of water is maintained over the sand.

The Kobdo river, which rises in the Dain-gol (7060 ft.) in the Ektagh Altai, winds in great curves across the plateau, and enters Lake Kara-usu (3840 ft.), which also receives the Buyantu, an outflow from Lake Kobdo, and is connected by a small river with another large lake, Durga-nor, situated a score of miles to the east.

By a system of sluices regulating the outflow of the Achray.

This contradiction presents itself to his mind primarily as elemental, and only in the second instance as ethical, inasmuch as he considers the sensual nature of man to be the outflow of the evil elements in nature.

The largest volume of lava which has issued at one outflow within historic times is the stream which came from the craters of Laki at Skapta.

Above its outflow into Frier Fjord.

If any portion of the waters of the Amazon runs round the southern side of the large island of Marajo into the river Para, it is only through tortuous, natural canals, which are in no sense outflow channels of the Amazon.