Sentence Examples with the word outcast

He sits apart like an outcast in his usual place of public worship: all for doing nothing but what the law says he has a perfect right to do.

Of all the Immortals and creatures in the world, she felt even closer to the outcast that was her mate.

A half-demon outcast didn.t deserve anything so delicate or beautiful, but Death help him, he wanted her more than anything else in his life.

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There are four classes in Somaliland: (I) nomads who breed ponies, sheep, cattle and camels, live entirely on milk and meat, and follow the rains in search of grass; (2) settled Somali, comparatively few, living in or near the coasts; (3) outcast races, not organized in tribes but living scattered all over Somaliland; they are hunters, workers in iron and leather, and the chief collectors of gum and resin; (4) traders.

Of the outcast races the best known are the Midgan, Yebir, and Tomal.

Like him, he is lame and an outcast for nine years; like him, he is brought back in time of need.

Great congregations have been gathered, and the work done for uplifting the fallen and outcast has earned the gratitude of all gocd men.

At the very outset of his labours he had been profoundly impressed with a sense of his responsibility towards the numerous outcast children who were growing up around him in ignorance and crime.

These homes deal with the outcast and destitute in a plain, straightforward way.