Sentence Examples with the word out to

She'd expected horror or disbelief from him during the hour straight that she poured her heart out to him.

In many cases they will probably turn out to be descriptive epithets of gods 3 The Assyrian language is practically identical with the Babylonian, just as the Assyrians are the same people as the Babylonians with some foreign admixtures.

Mr. Churchill went out to Egypt, and held in Cairo a conference of the British civil and military officers then administering those countries.

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Lisa went out to help her carry things into the house.

Princess Mary ran out to the porch, down the flower-bordered path, and into the avenue.

Thus some have made him out to be the Hermas to whom salutation is sent at the end of the Epistle to the Romans, others that he was the brother of Pius, bishop of Rome in the middle of the 2nd century, and others that he was a contemporary of Clement, bishop of Rome at the close of the 1st century.

Meanwhile from 1692 onwards brighter prospects were opened out to the unfortunate Belgians by the nomination by the Spanish king of Maximilian Emanuel, elector of Bavaria, to be governorgeneral with well-nigh sovereign powers.

And although it took several generations of poets to beat their music out to the perfection of the Virgilian cadences, yet in the rude adaptation of Ennius the secret of what ultimately became one of the grandest organs of literary expression was first discovered and revealed.

Sometimes the Ressurrection is narrowed down to the resurrection of the righteous, at others widened out to the resurrection of all mankind for the last judgment.

An act of accusation, containing in 37 articles the chief complaints against them, was read out to the people; not only their policy, but their orthodoxy was attacked, and there was even an insinuation of sorcery.