Sentence Examples with the word out of town

I'll spare you the details, but our judge doesn't like hired guns from out of town and he doesn't like being instructed in the law.

So, a smart detective would go downtown and ask his old friend Monica Cutler at the Sentinel for a list of out of town people who've ordered the paper to be mailed to 'em. The ones who've signed up over the past few weeks.

Howie was out of town and I couldn't imagine anyone visiting him at that time of night.

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I'm afraid I'll be out of town this weekend.

There were no industrious workmen, and the peasants caught the commissaries who ventured too far out of town with the proclamation and killed them.

Cassie clung to the seat to keep from falling out of the lurching buggy as Bordeaux took them out of town at a run.

His parents were out of town and instead of looking out for Annie; Howard was off drinking the entire night with some older buddies.

He indicated the stud farms at which Nicholas might procure horses, recommended to him a horse dealer in the town and a landowner fourteen miles out of town who had the best horses, and promised to assist him in every way.

Earlier, my wife had taken care of all the logistics of our travels while I locked up the house and called Jackson to tell him we would be out of town for a couple of days, retrieving Howie from California.

A check of the records listed 22 individuals who had ordered the paper from out of town over the last three months.