Sentence Examples with the word out of place

A lengthened analysis of them would be out of place here, and all that is possible is a brief mention of the more important.

The stereotyped beginning of the gasida had been recognized as antiquated and out of place in city life even in the Omayyad period (cf.

To say more would be out of place in this article, but enough has been said to introduce the exhaustive discussion by Kattenbusch (ii.

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An outsider is out of place here...

Therefore it will not be out of place to add here a chapter on snake poison and on the best means (ineffectual though they be in numerous cases) of counteracting its deleterious effects.

The only real difference: the ancient intelligence in the deity's steady gaze, which seemed out of place in such a youthful face.

The only item that appeared out of place was a matchbook on the bureau.

A brazen serpent, whose institution was attributed to Moses, had not hitherto been considered out of place in the cult; its destruction was perhaps the king's most notable reform.

Fox, who led the party, and Sheridan, who led Fox, were the intimates of the prince of Wales; and Burke would have been as much out of place in that circle of gamblers and profligates as Milton would have been out of place in the court of the Restoration.

Kiera maneuvered through the crowd, out of place in her jeans, T-shirt, and armband marking her as Anshan.