Sentence Examples with the word out of gear

Cesses for the ends of the studs are formed so as to draw the beam without strain into its true position every time that it is thrown out of gear by the sliding frame.

In many of the old kinds of two-revolution machines, owing to the cylinder being geared separately from the type bed, it was apt to be occasionally thrown out, but in the Miehle, for instance, it is only out of gear in reversing, and in gear while printing.

When the hand-wheel is thrown out of gear the sights can only be moved by means of the elevating gear of the gun.

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The rotation of the cam shaft continues till the cam has again heaved up the flitch-plate, when the pinion on the cam shaft is thrown out of gear with the wheel on the counter shaft, and the cam remains steady till another charge of coal is dropped into the hopper and the action is renewed.

The worm and hand-wheel are thrown into and out of gear by means of the clutch t.