Sentence Examples with the word out of

In 1904 the export was equivalent to about 120 bales out of a total production of 330 bales, and in 1905 to 258 out of 333 bales (of 500 1B each).

She stepped back, trying to take the electricity out of the air with a little humor.

Satisfied with her image in the mirror, she stepped out of the bathroom and found a plate of scrambled eggs waiting for her in the kitchen.

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It rises out of deep water; well-sheltered creeks indent the opposite shores on both sides.

According to J, Balaam was among his own people the BneAmmon when Balak sent messengers to him with presents such as soothsayers generally received, asking him to come and curse a people that had come up out of Egypt.

It was written out of my heart, and perhaps that is why it met a sympathetic response in other hearts.

Vamps poured out of the fortress into the snow, stopping to puzzle over the brilliant purple lights lancing across the treeline.

The opportunity and the power to enjoy are represented as being the gift of God; but this statement is not out of accord with the author's general position, which is distinctly theistic. All the passages just cited, except the last (xi.

Cesses for the ends of the studs are formed so as to draw the beam without strain into its true position every time that it is thrown out of gear by the sliding frame.

Then machines came along and gradually put 80 percent of the population out of work.