Sentence Examples with the word out in

The streets are in general steep and narrow, but there is a handsome promenade in the upper town, laid out in the 18th century by the intendant Antoine Megret d'Etigny.

One day I'm a boring financial planner, and the next day, I can't go out in sunlight and I see the future.

They appear to be connected with Semitic sun-worship, and are assigned by Bent to the same period as the temple at Baalbek, though some antiquarians would place them much earlier; the representation of a castle in a single stone seems to bear some relation to the idea worked out in the monolith churches of Lalibela described byRaffray.

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The Blancos, using the fraudulent elections in 1896 as a pretext, now broke out in armed revolt under the leadership of Aparicio Saraiva.

It was intended that the advance should be carried out in three stages, the final objective (which it was not considered must necessarily be reached on the first day) being the old British outpost line from Thorigny by Pontruet, W.

In 1824 a native rebellion of a religious character broke out in Upper Egypt headed by one Al3mad, an inhabitant of EsSalimiya, a village situated a few miles above Thebes.

On the other hand a third project of marriage alliance which Henry carried out in 1503 was destined to be consummated, and to have momentous, though long-deferred, results.

Many patents have been taken out in this branch of electrochemistry, but it is to be remarked that that granted to C. Watt traversed the whole of the ground.

The first grant of land in this part of the Blackstone Valley was made in 1657, and the town, Quansigamond (or Quinsigamond) Plantation, was laid out in October 1668.

The resentment of the Copts finally expressed itself in a revolt, which broke out in the year 725, and was suppressed with difficulty.