Sentence Examples with the word otto the great

The nation now plucked bitter fruit from the seed planted by Otto the Great in assuming the imperial crown and by a long line of kings and emperors in lavishing worldly power upon tile church.

The first thing we have to notice in this revolution which placed Otto the Great upon the imperial throne is that the Italian.

The pretensions of Otto the Great and Henry III.

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In 939 Louis became involved in a struggle with the emperor Otto the Great on the question of Lorraine, the nobles of which district had sworn an oath of fidelity to the king of France.

Goslar is believed to have been founded by Henry the Fowler about 920, and when in the time of Otto the Great the mineral treasures in the neighbourhood were discovered it increased rapidly in prosperity.

The policy thus initiated upon the precedent laid down by Otto the Great was a remedy for pressing evils.

A new era dawned after Otto the Great was elected German king in 936, and it is Otto rather than Charlemagne who must be regarded as the real founder of Austria.