Sentence Examples with the word otis

Among the principal buildings and institutions are the Congregational Church, organized in 1660; the Norwich Free Academy (1856) and its Slater Memorial Hall, in which are the Peck Library and an Art Museum, and the Converse Art Annex and Art Collection; the Otis Public Library (1848); the William W.

Howard University (1867), for the higher education of negroes, is situated south-west of the Soldiers' Home; it was named in honour of General Oliver Otis Howard, one of its founders and (in 1869-1873) its president; it has a small endowment, and is supported by Congressional appropriations which are administered by the Secretary of the Interior; it comprises an academy, a college of arts and sciences, a teachers' college, a school of theology, a school of law, a school of medicine, a pharmaceutic college, a dental college, a school of manual arts and applied sciences, and a commercial college; in 1909 it had 121 instructors and 1253 students.

Jayne, Vasco da Gama and his Successors, chapters 25-32 (London, 1910); and Otis Cary, A History of Christianity in Japan (2 vols., London, 1909).

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Young Otis graduated from Harvard College in 1783, was admitted to the bar in 1786, and soon became prominent as a Federalist in politics.

He was a nephew of James Otis, and the son of Samuel Allyne Otis (1740-1814), who was a member of the Confederation Congress in 1787-1788 and secretary of the United States Senate from its first session in 1789 until his death.

Emmons, Holmes, Otis T.

OLIVER OTIS HOWARD (1830-1909), American soldier, was born in Leeds, Maine, on the 8th of November 1830.

HARRISON GRAY OTIS (1765-1848), American politician, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on the 8th of October 1765.

The earliest of these is his report of the argument of James Otis in the superior court of Massachusetts as to the constitutionality of writs of assistance.

A man of refinement and education, a member of an influential family, a popular social leader and an eloquent speaker - at the age of twenty-three he was chosen by the town authorities of Boston to deliver the Independence Day oration - Otis yet lacked conspicuous ability as a statesman.