Sentence Examples with the word otherworldly

Her skin was golden from the sun, which brought out the enigmatic eyes, and made them glow with the otherworldly beauty displayed by her and the one called Evelyn.

Whatever otherworldly bond connected them prevented her from moving away.

He couldn't help thinking she looked like some beautiful, otherworldly creature with her full lips, haunted eyes and curls that appeared silver in the moonlight.

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He entered his office and froze, sensing the presence of the otherworldly being.

Toby stood beside a plainly pregnant young woman with blue eyes and a tattoo across her neck that resembled the one on Deidre's back in color and otherworldly script.

Rhyn looked up at the brightest of the portals lining the otherworldly landing between worlds.

He grunted as he shoved it in front of the door moments before the door bucked under the force of some otherworldly being.

Damian raised an eyebrow, not about to humor the otherworldly harbinger of bad news.

Katie watched her go, feeling better with the otherworldly sustenance in her system.

Other thoughts collided with her emotions, ones that reminded her that she was forever trapped with some otherworldly creature that viewed her as a food supply and nothing more.