Sentence Examples with the word oswald

Then in the 1940s, another American, Oswald Avery, was able to show, through an ingenious method, that the genetic information had to be carried by the DNA.

Eanfrid, by his marriage with a Pictish princess, became the father of the Pictish king Talorcan, while Oswald was baptized into the Columban church at Iona.

During the reign of Oswald Penda clearly reigned under the suzerainty of that king.

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Were reckoned the chief monarchs of England, and exercised a widespread influence over the southern realms, yet each had to win his supremacy by his own sword; and when Edwin and Oswald fell before the savage heathen Penda, and Ecgfrith was cut off by the Picts, there was a gap of anarchy before another king asserted hh superior power.

It was finally evangelized from quite another quarter, by Irish missionaries brought by King Oswald from Columbas monastery of lona.

Here Calvin was welcomed by the band of scholars and theologians who had conspired to make that city the Athens of Switzerland, and especially by Oswald Myconius, the chief pastor, Pierre Viret and Heinrich Bullinger.

The church of St Oswald at Filey is a fine cruciform building with central tower, Transitional Norman and Early English in date.

He spent two years in England, assisting Archbishop Oswald of York in restoring the monastic system, and was abbot of Romsey.

The principal names are Cornelius, Lessing, the brothers Andreas and Oswald Achenbach, A.

Escott, Frank Harris, Oswald Crawfurd and W.