Sentence Examples with the word ostrich

Only in the ostrich the distal ends of the pubes meet, forming a daggershaped symphysis, which is curved forwards.

Though the ostrich ordinarily inhabits the most arid districts, it requires water to drink; more than that, it will frequently bathe, and sometimes even, according to Von Heuglin, in the sea.

The chief articles of export are coffee, skins, ivory, civet, ostrich feathers, gum, pepper, kat plant (used by Moslems for its stimulating properties), gold (in small quantities) and live stock.

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The collection of animals included a donkey, horse, ostrich and a llama, all of which were either relaxing in the shade or inside the barn.

The exports include cattle, hides, skins, wool and ostrich feathers.

The camel, horse and ostrich are not found south of Kordofan and Sennar.

The high sierras are frequented by condors and eagles of the largest size, and the whole country by the common vulture, while the American ostrich (Rhea americanus) and a species of large stork (the bata or jaburu, Mycteria americans; maximum height, 8 ft.; spread of wings, 8 ft.

Wool, mohair and ostrich feathers were the chief exports, the only mineral exported being copper (from the Namaqualand mines).

The town is a trading centre of some importance, and in the surrounding district are large sheep and ostrich farms. The neighbourhood is noted for its abundance of everlasting flowers.

There are also numerous ostrich farms, in particular in the districts of Oudtshoorn and Ladismith in the Little Karroo, where lucerne grows with extraordinary luxuriance.