Sentence Examples with the word ostentatious

His autocratic airs and his ostentatious preference for his confidantsof whom he made the one earl of Suffolk and the other marquess of Dublinprovoked both lords and commons.

Cruel means of repression assisted natural hardships and the carelessness of the administration in depopulating and laying waste the countryside; while Louis XIV.s martial and ostentatious policy was even more disastrous than pestilence and famine, when Louvois advice prevailed in council over that of Colbert, now embittered and desperate.

His somewhat ostentatious assertions of impartiality do not cloak a marked preference for the Burgundians in their struggle with France.

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He had it, in fact, fully in his own power to determine his relations with the ministry, and he would be satisfied with nothing short of familiar and ostentatious equality.

He killed for reasons of state without form of trial, while his open neglect of his wife, Maria of Portugal, and his ostentatious passion for Leonora de Guzman, who bore him a large family of sons, set Peter an example which he did not fail to better.

His ostentatious hatred of the revolutionary parties marked him out as the natural object for these accusations.

He was noted for his hospitality, and was somewhat ostentatious in his habits, sometimes visiting Canterbury and other towns attended by a retinue of 800 horsemen.

In 438-439 she made an ostentatious pilgrimage to Jerusalem, whence she brought back several precious relics; during her stay at Antioch she harangued the senate in Hellenic style and distributed funds for the repair of its buildings.

His life of ostentatious austerity, and the courage with which he met his death, had caused all his faults to be forgotten.

Though truly vivacious, tumultuous, ostentatious little Flask would now and then stamp with impatience; but not one added heave did he thereby give to the negro's lordly chest.