Sentence Examples with the word oscillation

Defining oscillation as is usual in spectroscopic measurement by wave-length, the visible spectrum is found to extend from about 7700 to 3900 A.

He reverted to his early idea of a nutation of the earth's axis, and was rewarded by the discovery that the earth did possess such an oscillation (see Astronomy).

An analogous oscillation prevails in the pyrazol nucleus, for L.

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In the case of the inductive mode of exciting the oscillations an important quantity is the coefficient of coupling of the two oscillation circuits.

When used as a receiver for wireless telegraphy Marconi inserted the oscillation coil of this detector in between the earth and a receiving antenna, and this produced one of the most sensitive receivers yet made for wireless telegraphy.

This configuration is, according to Sachse, more stable than any other form; no oscillation is possible, the molecule being only able to move as a whole.

In 1747 he applied his new calculus to the problem of vibrating chords, the solution of which, as well as the theory of the oscillation of the air and the propagation of sound, had been given but incompletely by the geometricians who preceded him.

For the seven years of our record there is a very obvious oscillation in the temperature anomaly.

The transformer T has its secondary or high-pressure terminals connected to spark balls S1, which are also connected by a circuit consisting of a large glass plate condenser C, and the primary circuit of an air-core transformer called an oscillation transformer.

For the scientific problems connected with oscillation see Mechanics and Oscillograph.