Sentence Examples with the word osborn

Agent Osborn was embarrassed at not knowing I was present but I waved off her apology as I followed Carl Dick from the room.

The Burgoynes of Sutton, whose baronetcy dates from 1641, have been in Bedfordshire since the 15th century, whilst the Osborn family have owned Chicksands Priory since its purchase by Peter Osborn in 1576.

The remaining four families have feet with only two segFrom Osborn (after Denny), meats.

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As regards the affinities of the creatures to which these jaws belonged, Professor Osborn has referred the Triconodontidae and Amphitheriidae, together with the Curtodontidae (as represented by the English Purbeck Curtodon), to a primitive group of marsupials, while he has assigned the Amblotheriidae and Stylacodontidae to an ancestral assemblage of Insectivora.