Sentence Examples with the word osaka

It lies in a plain bounded, except westward, where it opens on Osaka Bay, by hills of considerable height, on both sides of the Yodogawa, or rather its headwater the Aji (the outlet of Lake Biwa), and is so intersected by riverbranches and canals as to suggest a comparison with a Dutch town.

The largest circulation recorded in 1908 was about 150,000 copies daily, and the honor of attaining that exceptional figure belonged to the Osaka Asahi Shimbun.

Steamers ply between Osaka and Kobe-Hiogo or Kobe, and Osaka is an important railway centre.

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It must be acknowledged, however, that the Tokyo artists often devote their skill to purposes of forgery, and that their imitations, especially of old Satsuma-yaki, are sometimes franked by dealers whose standing should forbid such frauds: In this context it may be mentioned that, of late years,decoration of a remarkably microscopic character has been successfully practised in KiOto, Osaka and Kobe, its originator being Meisan of Osaka.

All these processes, as well as that of repouss, in which the Japanese have excelled from a remote period, are now practised with the greatest skill in Tokyo, KiOto, Osaka and Kanazawa.

Very soon the Asahi had a keen competitor in the Osaka Mainichi Shimbun (Osaka Daily News) and these papers ultimately crushed all rivals in Osaka.

The telephone system is extensive, including long-distance wires to Yokohama, Osaka and other large towns.

But in fact the glyptic artists of Tokyo, Osaka and KiOto, though they now devote their chisels chiefly to works of more importance than the netsuke, are in no sense inferior to their predecessors of feudal days, and many beautiful netsuke bearing their signatures are in existence.

Tokyo journals were all - on a literary or political basis, but the Osaka Asahi Commerch, Shimbun (Osaka Rising Sun News) was purely a Journailsa business undertaking.

Long, connected Osaka and KiOto with Yedo.