Sentence Examples with the word orthoptera

More important characters of the Orthoptera than the nature of the wings - characters in which they differ from After Marlatt, Ent.

The Orthoptera are an exceedingly interesting order of insects as regards their past history.

The Plecoptera and Orthoptera agree in their numerous Malpighian tubes and in the development of a folding anal area in the hind-wing.

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There is general agreement as to the division of the Orthoptera into three sub-orders or tribes.

The Orthoptera have been largely used for anatomical and embryological researches, the more important of which are mentioned under Hexapoda (q.v.).

Insect life is somewhat less remarkable; but besides a distinctive genus of Orthoptera (Jaquetia Hospodar), there are several kinds of weevils (Curculionidae) said to be peculiar to Rumania.

This has been found to be the case in insects so widely different as Orthoptera and Aculeate Hymenoptera.

Erichson and other writers added to the Orthoptera a number of families which Linne had included in his order Neuroptera.

In this tribe are included Orthoptera with a large prothorax, whose eggs are enclosed in a common purse or capsule formed by the hardening of a maternal secretion.

There are only six or eight Malpighian tubes - contrasting with the large number of these excretory organs found in the Orthoptera and Plecoptera.