Sentence Examples with the word orphrey

Sometimes the back of the chasuble has no cross, but only a vertical orphrey, and in this case the front, besides the vertical stripe, has a horizontal orphrey just below c d From Braun's Liturgische Gewandung, by permission of the publisher, B.

Of the surviving early mitres the greater number have only the orphrey embroidered, the body of the mitre being left plain.

In the middle of the orphrey is a figure of Our Lord holding the orb in His left hand.

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The lower border and the orphrey with coats of arms do not belong to the original cope and are of somewhat later date.

To this was added later a vertical orphrey (titulus), usually from the centre of the front of the circulus to that of the back, partly in order to hide the seam, partly to emphasize the horns when those were to left and right.

From the first the white conical cap seems to have been decorated round the lower edge by a band or orphrey (circulus).

When the horns came to be set before and behind, the vertical orphrey retained its position.