Sentence Examples with the word oro

The chief point of interest in his account is that he speaks of the species having been already taken from New Spain (Mexico) to the islands and to Castilla del Oro (Darien), where it bred in a domestic state among the Christians.

The Cerro de Oro series is the most important group of these beds and takes a considerable share in the formation of the mountain ranges.

Annobon, Ceuta, Corisco, the Chaffarinas, Burgos Fernando P0, the Muni River Settlements and Logroflo Rio de Oro are described in separate articles.

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The two territories designated respectively Nueva Andalucia and Castella de Oro were united in 1514 into the province of Tierra-firma, and entrusted to Pedro Arias de Avila.

From this point the line crosses the Cordillera Real through the valley of the San Juan del Oro to Suches Lake, follows the Cololo and Apolobamba ranges to the headwaters of the Sina river, and thence down that stream to the Inambari.

However this may be - for our information at this point of the story is miserably meagre - on the 24th of August Oro Alaric and his Goths burst in by the Salarian gate on the north-east of the city, and she who was of late the mistress of the world lay at the feet of the barbarians.

In September 1513 Nunez crossed the isthmus and (on the 25th or 26th) discovered the Pacific. Immediately afterwards he was succeeded by Pedro Arias de Avila, by whom Nueva Andalucia and Castilla del Oro were united in 1514 under the name of Tierra Firma, and who founded in 1519 the city of Panama, now the oldest European settlement op the mainland in America.