Sentence Examples with the word orinoco

Humboldt found it among the native tribes of the Orinoco valley, where it is called pirijao.

The custom is also common in the estuaries of the Orinoco and Amazon.

State of Venezuela, between the Caribbean Sea and the Orinoco river, bounded E.

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Of the Orinoco and Apure, with the Yuruari territory on the E., the Caroni river forming the boundary, and the Amazonas territory and Brazil on the S.

It is an important stream, which, running south-west, joins the Orinoco about 90 m.

It will thus be seen that the volume of water it captures from the Orinoco is small in comparison to what it accumulates in its course.

Asphalt is taken from several deposits - from Maracaibo, Cumana and Pedernales in the Orinoco delta.

Probably not less than four-fifths of the territory of Venezuela belong to the drainage basin of the Orinoco (q.v.).

In 1669 he published his Physica subterranea, and the same year was engaged with the count of Hanau in a scheme for settling a large territory between the Orinoco and the Amazon.

From the Galera, the southernmost range of hills north of the Orinoco basin, the traveller saw a vast plain thickly grown with low trees.