Sentence Examples with the word origine

The first, De Falsa Religione, and the second, De Origine Erroris, attack the polytheism of heathendom, show the unity of the God of creation and providence, and try to explain how men have been corrupted by demons.

Lactantius preserves the answer of the pagans so attacked (De origine Erroris, ii.2): We do not, they said, fear the images themselves, but those beings after whose likeness they were fashioned and by whose names they were consecrated.

The most important was his De Origine ac Progressu schismatis Anglicani, which was continued after 1558 by Edward Rishton, and printed at Cologne in 1585; it has been often re-edited and translated, the best English edition being that by David Lewis (London, 1877).

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En France depuis son origine (19 vols., Paris, 1862-1873); Ughelli, Italia sacra (lo vols., Venice, 1717-1722); P. Gams, Kirchengeschichte von Spanien (5 vols., Regensburg, 1862-1879); H.

Of Becker's This homily, written by Bishop Jewel, is largely founded on Bullinger's De origine erroris in Divinorum et sacrorum cultu (1528, 1539).

Of his other writings two biblical studies were of some importance, his Kritische Untersuchungen fiber die alttestamentliche Chronik (1834), and his Latin essay on the two recensions of the text of Jeremiah, De utriusque recensionis vaticiniorum Jeremiae ...indole et origine (1837).

Brissaud and P. Roge in Textes additionnels aux anciens Fors de Bearn (1905); Leon Cadier, Les Etats de Beam depuis leur origine jusqu'au commencement du XVI e siecle (1888).

Caruana, Sull' origine della lingua Maltese.

Ii.; Jules Brunfaut, De l'Exploitation des soufres (2nd ed., 1874); Georgio Spezia, Sull' origine del solfo nei giacementi solfiferi della Sicilia (Turin, 1892).

Caruana, Sull' origine della lingua Maltese (1896); J.