Sentence Examples with the word originally

Of the twenty-four cities which originally composed the league, only eighteen remained as members by the reign of Hadrian (see Achaean League).

Brongniart was also the coadjutor of Cuvier in the admirable Essai sur la geographie mineralogique des environs de Paris (Paris, 1811); originally published in Ann.

We can't suppose the knife was originally taken with any murderous intent.

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Patricius, an adjectival form from pater, father; not, as some say, from pater and ciere, to call), a term originally applied to the members of the old citizen families of ancient Rome (see I.

Laticiferous vessels arise by the coalescence of originally distinct cells.

The Thracians, the progenitors of the Vlachs, took refuge in the mountainous districts and for some centuries disappeared from history: originally an agricultural people, they became nomad shepherds.

The probability seems to be that the earliest Perceval-Grail romance was composed at Fescamp, and was coincident with the transformation, under the influence of the Saint-Sang legend, of the originally Pagan talisman known as the Grail into a Christian relic, and that this romance was more or less at the root of all subsequent versions.

The curriculum, originally modelled on that of England, is being gradually modified by the necessities of a new country.

Or we may take the opposite view, and regard the story of Osiris and his war with Seth (who shut him up in a box and mutilated him) as a dualistic myth, originally on the level of the battle betweenaGaunab andTsui-Goab, or between Tagar and Suqe.

JOSEPH ALLEINE (1634-1668), English Nonconformist divine, belonged to a family originally settled in Suffolk.