Sentence Examples with the word orientation

It is necessary, therefore, to avoid reactions involving such intermolecular migrations when determining the orientation of aromatic compounds.

The names and orientation of the constellations therein adopted are, with but few exceptions, identical with those used at the present day; and as it cannot be doubted that Ptolemy made only very few modifications in the system of Hipparchus, the names were adopted at least three centuries before the Almagest was compiled.

Fragments of Doric columns and foundations were discovered, probably intended for the temple begun by Peisistratus, the orientation of which differed slightly from that of the later structure.

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Inverse orientation of the tissues, x, Xylem.

When they were all seated and attentive, she began with the orientation she had been memorizing for the last two weeks.

The intercourse which he had with Monge, the physicist and ex-minister of marine, during the negotiations with Austria, served to emphasize the orientation of his thoughts.

In astronomy, we are principally concerned with the orientation of points on a sphere - the so-called celestial sphere - with regard to certain planes and points within the sphere; this subject is treated in the article Astronomy (Spherical).

One of the important functions of a fold is its direction; this of course depends upon the orientation of the axial plane.

A peculiarity of these leaves is the inverse orientation of the vascular tissue; each of the two veins has its phloem next the upper and the xylem towards the lower surface of the leaf; this unusual position of the xylem and phloem may be explained by regarding the needle of Sciadopitys as being composed of a pair of leaves borne on a short axillary shoot and fused by their margins (fig.

In geometry, and in geometrical crystallography, the term denotes a line which serves to aid the orientation of a figure.