Sentence Examples with the word orientate

De Driault, La Politique orientate de Napoleon: Sebastiani et Gardane (Paris, 1904).

Fougeres, Mantinee et l'Arcadie orientate (1898), according to whom Odysseus is an Arcadian chthonian divinity and Penelope a goddess of flocks and herds, akin to the Arcadian Artemis; S.

With the extension of Christianity to the Gentile world it at length became necessary for it to orientate itself towards what was best in Greek culture.

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Power in the Melanges de la faculte orientate de l'universite Saint-Joseph, Beirut, 1906).

This view is confirmed by the evidence of the Synodicon Orientate (the collection of the canons of Nestorian Councils and Synods), which shows that the Great Syriac Church built up by the adherents of Nestorius and ever memorable for its zeal in carrying the Gospel into Central Asia, China and India cannot, from its inception, be rightly described as other than orthodox.

In regard to the Constantza inscriptions in general, see Allard, La Bulgarie orientate (Paris, 1866); Desjardins in Ann.

He published several Latin translations of Arabic works, of which the most important was the Chronicon Orientate of Ibnar-Rahib (Paris, 16J3), a history of the patriarchs of Alexandria.

Mantinee et l'Arcadie orientate (Paris, 1898).

It is enough to formulate a few general considerations of a kind to orientate and guide inquirers.

Hodgkin, Italy and her Invaders (1892); and articles in the Revue orientate pour les etudes Ouralaltaiques.