Sentence Examples with the word organon

This is embodied in the group of treatises later known as the Organon 7 and culminates in the theory of syllogism and of.

Of Aristotle he possessed the whole of the Organon in Latin; he is, indeed, the first of the medieval writers of note to whom the whole was known.

He lectured on the Organon of Aristotle and the De finibus of Cicero with much satisfaction to the students but with little to himself.

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It is, then, a fair working hypothesis as to the structure of the Organon to place the Topics, which deal with dialectical reasoning, before the Analytics.

Zabarella to the Arabians, and himself gifted with great logical powers, always deserves study in his editions of the Organon and the Physics, and in his Doctrinae Peripateticae.

The psychological distinction between the 3 Art, three forms is that sensuous perception (Anschauung) religion is the organon of the first, presentative conception and (Vorstellung) of the second and free thought of the third.

Until 1128 only the first two of the five parts of the Organon were known, and those solely in Latin translations from the original.

There are two old logics which still remain indispensable, Aristotle's Organon and Bacon's Novum Organum.

Trans., 1881), a selection of passages from the Organon with Latin translation and notes, containing the substance of Aristotle's logical doctrine, supplemented by Erlduterungen zu den Elementen der Aristotelischen Logik (1842; 3rd ed.

In France there are the works of Cousin (1835), Felix Ravaisson, who wrote on the Metaphysics (1837-1846), and Barthelemy St Hilaire, who translated the Organon and other works (1844 seq.).