Sentence Examples with the word organisation

Richter, Die Organisation and Geschciftsordnung des Baseler Konzils (Leipzig, 1877); Monumenta Conciliorum generalium seculi xv., Scriptorum, vol.

Stuhr, Die Organisation and Geschciftsordnung des Pisaner and Konstanzer Konzils (Schwerin, 1891); N.

Ducom, La Commune d'Agen: essay sur son histoire et son organisation depuis son origine jusqu'au traite de Bretigny (1892).

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Rachfahl, Die Organisation der Gesamtstaatsverwaltung Schlesiens vor dem dreissigjahrigen Kriege (Leipzig, 1894); H.

In front of the Perches redoubts, the Bosmont, whence the Prussian engineers began their attack, is now heavily fortified with continuous lineslcalled the Organisation defensive de Bosmont.

His later years were occupied with a series of philosophical works, of which the most important were: Die Phantasie als Grundprincip des Weltprocesses (1877), Uber die Genesis der Menschheit and deren geistige Entwicklung in Religion, Sittlichkeit and Sprache (1883), and Ober die Organisation and Cultur der menschlichen Gesellschaft (1885).

Zenker, Nationale Organisation in Oesterreich (1916); L.

Adler, Die Organisation der Centralverwaltung unter Maximilian I.

These terms were explained in his great work L' Organisation du regne animal, oiseaux, begun in 1855, to mean exactly the same as those applied by Merrem to his two primary divisions.

The floral structure is so curious that perhaps less attention has been paid to the vegetative organs than the peculiarities of their organisation demand.