Sentence Examples with the word ore

At Toulouse, after the allies had entered Paris, but bef ore the abdication of Napoleon had become known, the last battle of the war was fought.

Haematite is an important ore of iron (q.v.), and is extensively worked in Elba, Spain (Bilbao), Scandinavia, the Lake Superior region and elsewhere.

As a rule the ore is subjected to a preliminary chloridizing roast, though occasionally it may be leached raw.

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Section of the Adirondacks and in the central part of the state, and brown haematites and carbonate ore in the S.E.

Iron ore is found in abundance near Coblenz, the Bleiberg in the Eifel possesses an apparently inexhaustible supply of lead, and zinc is found near Cologne and Aix-la-Chapelle.

CERARGYRITE, a mineral species consisting of silver chloride; an important ore of silver.

In some processes of lead-smelting, where the minerals treated contain sand, the long calciner is provided with a melting bottom close to the fire-place, so that the desulphurized ore leaves the furnace as a glassy slag or silicate, which is subsequently reduced to the metallic state by fusion with fluxes in blast furnaces.

The ore was crushed roasted, and leached with sulphuric acid (with or without ferric sulphate); the solution was purified and then electrolysed for zinc with lead anodes and with a currentdensity of 5 amperes per sq.

Grains of gold or particles of ore may be detected by washing samples of gravel in a prospector's 1 Of doubtful origin.

The iron ore is found in the ground; but it cannot be used until it has been brought to the furnace and melted, and all the dirt taken out, and just the pure iron left.