Sentence Examples with the word ordre

The spread of Lavoisier's doctrines was greatly facilitated by the defined and logical form in which he presented them in his Traite elementaire de chimie (presente dans un ordre nouveau et d'apres les decouvertes modernes) (1789).

Of the lines of concentration open to the Austrians, the direction of the roads and railways favoured that of Olmiitz so markedly that Moltke felt reasonably certain that it would be chosen, and the receipt of the complete ordre de bataille of the Austrian army of the north secured by the Prussian secret service on the 11th of June set all doubts at rest.

The elevation includes (i) the gently swelling rise which separates 1 Carte generale bathymetrique des oceans dressee par ordre de S.A.S.

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All this must be done in good order (le tout se fera avec ordre et methode) as far as possible retaining troops in reserve.

Maillard in his These, Recherche des caracteristiques des systemes elementaires des courbes planes du troisieme ordre (Paris, 1871).

The ordre de bataille of the 8th corps is interesting.

At the Restoration many changes were made, the old military and religious orders were restored, and the Legion of Honour, now Ordre Royale de la Legion d'Honneur, took the lowest rank.

He founded an order of chivalry, the Ordre du Croissant, which was anterior to the royal foundation of St Michael, but did not survive Rene.

In the course of this work, Dupuy became acquainted with and copied an enormous mass of unpublished documents, which furnished him with the material for some excellent works: Traite des droits et des libertes de l'eglise gallicane, avec les preuves (1639), Histoire del' ordre militaire des Templiers (1654), Histoire generale du schisme qui a ete dans l'eglise depuis 1378 jusqu'd 1428 (1654), and Histoire du differend entre le Pape Boniface VIII et le roi Philippe le Bel (1655).

Cormenin was an earnest advocate of universal suffrage before the revolution of February 1848, and had remorselessly exposed the corrupt practices at elections in his pamphlet - Ordre du jour sur la corruption electorale.