Sentence Examples with the word ordained

In London he met Peter Miller who had been ordained by Zinzendorf for work in Carolina.

Alva Woods (1794-1887), a nephew of the elder Leonard and the son of Abel Woods (1765-1850), a Baptist preacher, graduated at Harvard in 1817 and at Andover Theological Seminary in 1821, and was ordained as a Baptist minister.

In 1825 he was ordained priest, and was appointed vicar of the Madeleine at Paris.

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Let them therefore not be ordained nor blessed with these prayers.

His father, Samuel Seabury (1706-1764), originally a Congregationalist minister in Groton, was ordained deacon and priest in the Church of England in 1731, and was a rector in New London, Conn., from 1732 to 1743, and in Hempstead, Long Island, from 1743 until his death.

This act was further modified in 1746 and 1748 to exclude clergymen ordained in Scotland.

Abjuring pomps and vanities, its citizens observed the ascetic regime of the cloister; half the year was devoted to abstinence and few dared to eat meat on the fasts ordained by Savonarola.

Until 1811 the Calvinistic Methodists had no ministers ordained by themselves; their enormous growth in numbers and the scarcity of ministers to administer the Sacrament - only three in North Wales, two of whom had joined only at the dawn of the century - made the question of ordination a matter of urgency.

He was ordained in 1842, and worked as a curate at Cuddesdon.

Prejudice and real or imaginary legal obstacles stood in the way of the erection of episcopal sees in the colonies; and though in the 17th century Archbishop Laud had attempted to obtain a bishop for Virginia, up to the time of the American revolution the churchmen of the colonies had to make the best of the legal fiction that their spiritual needs were looked after by the bishop of London, who occasionally sent commissaries to visit them and ordained candidates for the ministry sent to England for the purpose.