Sentence Examples with the word orchard

Half the orchard was on fire while the other half rained delicate pink-white blooms from the apple trees.

The principal of these are the vinery, peach house, cucumber and melon house and orchard house.

Of Lexington), Harrodsburg, Crab Orchard in Lincoln county (about 115 m.

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He ran through the city and into the apple orchard on the side of the city she'd only seen once, for peasants didn't go there.

She'd recognized the orchard she'd nearly fallen into.

The orchard house is among the most generally useful of all garden structures.

Other important crops in the order of their value are oats, hay and forage, Indian corn, barley, flax-seed, potatoes, rye, grass seeds, wild grass, clover, beans, peas, and miscellaneous vegetables and orchard products.

Apples are grown in such quantities as to entitle the county to the title applied to it, the orchard of Ireland.

The principal orchard districts are the valleys of the Darent and Medway, and the tertiary soils overlying the chalk, between Rochester and Canterbury.

The orchard is right there on the edge of the city, Jenn answered.