Sentence Examples with the word oracle

He is the man whom the oracle meant.

Damian shook his head, comforted by the little Oracle and his adopted brother.

The priestesses were called doves (7r XEtac) and Herodotus tells a story which he learned at Egyptian Thebes, that the oracle of Dodona was founded by an Egyptian priestess who was carried away by the Phoenicians, but says that the local legend substitutes for this priestess a black dove, a substitution in which he tries to find a rational meaning.

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We all thought she was your sister, not Damian's wife, and I had no idea she was an Oracle until this morning, when she told me to evac the motor pool.

He was ordered by the oracle to settle in a place where he should receive hospitality from wild beasts.

As the only Oracle and soul reader in existence, she was the only one who could repair the mind of her mate's brother, the Grey God, who suffered a fate worse than death as a slave to Czerno.

That's what happens when you have an Oracle for a mate.

According to the legend, the emissarium (outlet) which still drains it was made in 39 8 -397 B.C., the Delphic oracle having declared that Veii could only be taken when the waters of the lake reached the sea.

The leaden tablets of the oracle contain no certain example of a response, though there are many questions, varying from matters of public policy or private enterprise to inquiries after stolen goods.

Fake left, right to the kidney, Xander instructed the Oracle in the ring.