Sentence Examples with the word optimum

In greenhouses where plants requiring very different optimum temperatures and illumination are kept together.

The optimum pH 6.0 to 6.5 range is also critical to feed efficiency.

Precision agriculture involves collecting massive amounts of data, more than any human can process, and applying various algorithms, self-teaching in nature, to achieve optimum outcomes.

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All chlorophyll plants require light, but in very different degrees, as exemplified even in the United Kingdom by the shade-bearing beech and yew contrasted with the light-demanding larch and birch; and as with temperature so with light, every plant and even every organ has its optimum of illumination.

The home theater offers optimum comfort with a captivating surround sound experience.

It takes three days to reach optimum ripeness.

Three modes of operation and storage, optimum portability, and image storage are critical requirements for the professional photographer.

You can achieve optimum performance with recycled paper.

Each species has an optimum temperature and many are known to require very special food-media.

For optimum nutrition you may also wish to supplement your diet with a daily multi-vitamin.