Sentence Examples with the word optimism

His fatal optimism rendered him largely responsible for the collapse of Egyptian credit which brought about the fall of Ismail.

As he grew older his metaphysical optimism waned.

The truth of Nature is force; the truth of will is rational desire; the truth of life is neither the optimism of Leibnitz and Hegel, nor the pessimism of Schopenhauer and Hartmann, but the moderatism of Aristotle.

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It Is Marked By The Wholesomeness Of Canadian Life And Canadian Ideals, And The Optimism Of A Land Of Limitless Potentialities.

Yet he states this optimism moderately.

This, the original doctrine of the Buddha, though not adopted in the full sense by all his followers, is in fact at least as optimistic as any optimism of the West.

If this view of his optimism be correct, Shaftesbury, as Mill says of Leibnitz, must be regarded as maintaining, not that this is the best of all imaginable but only of all possible worlds.

The latter work is more perfunctory in execution and written for a wider public than his first history, but the narrative is dramatic and vivid, the portraiture is sympathetic, and the historical events are interpreted by the light of the rationalistic optimism of the later 18th century.

This is the refutation of pessimism, which ultimately agrees with optimism in making pleasure the standard of value.

He argued against the tyranny of authority, the vagaries of unfettered imagination and the academic aims of unpractical dialectic; the vital energy and the reasoned optimism of his language entirely outweigh the fact that his contributions to the stock of actual scientific knowledge were practically inconsiderable.