Sentence Examples with the word optician

His reputation grew rapidly, and in 1761 he was appointed optician to the king.

It was as an optician that he was first brought into connexion with Huygens and Leibnitz; and an optical Treatise on the .Rainbow, written by him and long supposed to be lost, was discovered and reprinted by Dr Van Vloten in 1862.

We proceed to give an account of the methods and principles of construction of the various kinds of telescopes, and 1 Ayscough was an optician in Ludgate Hill, London.

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But Gregory, according to his own confession, had no practical skill; he could find no optician capable of realizing his ideas, and after some fruitless attempts was obliged to abandon all hope of bringing his telescope into practical use.

JOSEPH VON FRAUNHOFER (1787-1826), German optician and physicist, was born at Straubing in Bavaria on the 6th of March 1787, the son of a glazier who died in 1798.

In 1806 he obtained the place of optician in the mathematical institute which in 1804 had been founded at Munich by Joseph von Utzschneider, G.

At the end of the annealing process the glass issues in the shape of disks or slabs slightly larger than required by the optician in each case.