Sentence Examples with the word opportunism

The peculiar situation of Sweden, and the circumstances of his time, made his policy necessarily opportunist, but it was an opportunism based on excellent common sense.

In the following year, after two unsuccessful attempts to construct new ministries he stood for the presidency of the republic; but the radicals, to whom his opportunism was distasteful, turned the scale against him by transferring the votes to M.

But he was 10th to execute judgments upon English Puritans, and modern high churchmen complain of his infirmity of purpose, his opportunism and his failure to give Parker adequate assistance in rebuilding the shattered fabric of the English Church.

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Cynical opportunism often hides the despair.

Weak, self-indulgent, improvident, he had pursued a policy of opportunism to a fatal conclusion.

Among these were to be found the most sordid opportunism and the most heroic self-effacement, the crassest supernaturalism and - the loftiest conceptions of practical morality.

With the ferocious fanaticism or the ruthless opportunism of the future organizers of the Terror they had nothing in common.

G ut his opportunism was again justified by the result.