Sentence Examples with the word operator

In the end, the speed at which a human operator can move has a physical limit.

The idea of automatic telephony is to substitute for the operator of the manual exchange an electromechanical or other switching system, which, controlled in its movement by the action of the subscriber, will automatically select, connect and disconnect circuits as desired.

It involves many novel features: the receiving electromagnet is of peculiar construction and remarkable efficiency and the transmitting apparatus has a contrivance to prevent unintentional repetitions of a letter through the operator holding his finger too long on a key.

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It was the sound of the operator on my 911 call.

For the negative of the operator which turns a line through a given angle in a given plane will in all cases produce the negative of the original result, which is not the result of the reverse operator, unless the angle involved be an odd multiple of a right angle.

At the close of a conversation the originating subscriber again entered the call-wire and requested the operator to take down the connexion.

The operator knows by touch when the plunger has pressed the glass far enough to exactly fill the mould.

The conversation was finished either of the subscribers could release the shutter of the clearing-out drop by turning his generator handle, and the operator thus notified of the fact removed the plugs and discontinued the connexion.

She was forbidden to engage the operator in any conversation and make the call as brief as possible.

The record operator then removes her speaking apparatus from the circuit, and the local operator, receiving a disconnect signal, severs the connexion at the local exchange.