Sentence Examples with the word opera house

In 1908 the Boston Opera Company was incorporated, and a site for an opera house was obtained on the north side of Huntington Avenue.

The inner town, which lies almost exactly in the centre of the others, is still, unlike the older parts of most European towns, the most aristocratic quarter, containing the palaces of the emperor and of many of the nobility, the government offices, many of the embassies and legations, the opera house and the principal hotels.

Meanwhile Mr. Churchill heartened his countrymen by patriotic speeches at a nonparty meeting in the London Opera House in Sept., and at Guildhall in November.

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A red-haired Jew, he possessed a magnetic and artistic temperament, and had various special methods of arousing and restraining the revolutionary masses, including orchestral and vocal concerts of high excellence in the formerly royal theatres and the opera house of Munich.