Sentence Examples with the word opera

He translated seven books of Diodorus (1554), the Daphnis et Chloe of Longus (1559) and the Opera Moralia of Plutarch (1572).

Great Britain has been the last to fall in, but the predominance of the low pitch, introduced at Covent Garden Opera since 1880, is assured.

In 1889 concert performances of grand opera were started, and in 1896 a chorus was formed, thus making it possible adequately to present the operas.

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Such a passage as bars 5 to 8 in the first movement of Beethoven's 8th symphony is as unintelligible from the point of view of Wagnerian opera as the opening of the Rheingold is unintelligible from the point of view of symphony.

The Covent Garden theatre is the principal home of grand opera; the building, though spacious, suffers by comparison with the magnificence of opera houses in some other capitals, but during the opera season the scene within the theatre is brilliant.

Hamelmann, Opera genealogico-historica (r 71 I); H.

His name has gained a world-wide celebrity as the title of a famous opera by Auber.

This was the first of the opera bouffe wars.

In 1901 his opera NI anru was performed at Dresden.

The Pneumatica, Automatopoietica, Belopoiica and Cheiroballistra of Hero were published in Greek and Latin in Thevenot's Veterum mathematicorum opera graece et latine pleraque nunc primum edita (Paris, 1693); the first important critical researches on Hero were G.