Sentence Examples with the word opening

Again, the form of the opening or mouthpiece in front of the membrane exercised considerable 1 See A.

In the same and other leading forms a pair of much-coiled glandular tubes, the coxal glands (coelomocoels in origin), is found with a duct opening on the coxa of the fifth pair of appendages of the prosoma.

Membership of the comitatus or retinue of a prince, offered the only opening by which public life could be entered.

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Portion of the Russian railway system was further completed by the opening in 1906 of a line from St Petersburg via Vologda to Vyatka, intersecting the MoscowArchangel line at Vologda.

The alimentary canal is a simple tube traversing the body from end to end, the anus opening at the extremity of its narrowed tail-like termination.

I saw the opening maw of hell, With endless pains and sorrows there; Which none but they that feel can tell-- Oh, I was plunging to despair.

The earthy matters form a fusible glass or slag melt, and collect at the lowest point of the hearth, whence they are removed by opening a hole pierced through the front wall at the bottom.

With regard to internal organization we may commence with the disposition of the renal organ (nephridium), the external opening of which has already been noted.

Following the river down from the Tower these docks, with dates of original opening and existing extent, are - St Katherine's (1828; 102 acres), London (1805; 571 acres), West India, covering the northern part of the peninsula called the Isle of Dogs (1802; 1212 acres), East India, Blackwall (1806; 38 acres), Royal Victoria and Albert Docks (1876 and 1880 respectively), parallel with the river along Bugsby's and Woolwich Reaches, nearly 3 m.

The Mangaboos surrounded them in solid ranks, but left an opening to the doorway of the hall; so the animals slowly retreated until they were driven from the room and out upon the street.