Sentence Examples with the word opener

Some kinds are made close and dense in texture, for carrying such seed as poppy or rape and sugar; others less close are used for rice, pulses, and seeds of like size, and coarser and opener kinds again are woven for the outer cover of packages and for the sails of country boats.

He bids them raise themselves in the scale of being by eating the forbidden fruit, which he declares to be not fatal to life but an opener of the eyes, and capable of equalizing men with gods (iii.

The os articulare bears on its inner side the inner mandibular process which serves for the insertion of part of the digastric muscle or opener of the mouth; another portion of this muscle is attached to the os angulare, which frequently forms a FIG.

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Another type of machine termed the three pair roller jute opener is illustrated in fig.

He walked into the kitchen, stepped on the trash can lid opener and dropped the tester in the trash.

The lap is taken to the filling engine, which is similar in construction and appearance to the opener as far as the feeding arrangements are concerned, but the drum, in place of being entirely covered with fine steel teeth, is spaced at intervals of from 5 to to in.

He pulled out a drawer and selected a wooden handled letter opener with gold inlay.

Slicing the end of the envelope open with one smooth movement, he placed the letter opener back where it belonged and shoved the drawer shut.

He turned off the car and touched the garage door opener above him, whistling as he waited.