Sentence Examples with the word opened

The door opened quietly and Yancey entered, his face bland as he retrieved the magazine from his chair.

When transferred to the buyer's warehouses the bags are opened and each piece is examined by a public inspector in the presence of both buyer and seller, the quality of the opium being judged by appearance, odour, colour and weight.

But her application to have the grave in Highgate opened (with the object of showing that the coffin there was empty), though granted by Dr Tristram, chancellor of the diocese of London, was thwarted by a caveat being entered on the part of the executor of T.

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The Tatars of the Bug, of the Crimea and of the Kuban were liberated from the suzerainty of the Porte; Azov, Kinburn and all the fortified places of the Crimea were ceded to Russia; the Bosphorus and Dardanelles were opened to Russian merchant vessels; and Russian ambassadors obtained the right to intervene in favour of the inhabitants of the Danubian principalities.

Harrison Park is a breathing spot for the congested district of Fountainbridge, and the park at Saughton Hall, opened in 1905, for the western district of the city.

Once they reached the highway, Elisabeth opened her laptop.

Willarski coughed, he was answered by the masonic knock with mallets, the doors opened before them.

In 1417 John made an attack on Paris, which failed through his loitering at Lagny; 1 but on the 30th of May 1418 a traitor, one Perrinet Leclerc, opened the gates of Paris to the Burgundian captain, Villiers de l'Isle Adam.

A school of medicine was opened in 1851, a dental school in 1901 and a school of law in 1870.

In 1825 the Church opened a theological seminary at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, affiliated with Dickinson College.