Sentence Examples with the word oozing

This region is relatively flat, in some districts slightly marshy, but the water oozing from the soil is often brackish, and in places large shallow salt lakes are formed.

Precisely the same thing happens in the actual crust of the earth, except that, in the formations usually met with, the strata are so irregularly permeable that no such uniform percolation occurs, and most of the water, instead of oozing out near the sea-level, meets with obstructions which cause it to issue, sometimes below the sea-level and sometimes above it, in the form of concentrated springs.

She glanced down at her shoulder and saw blood oozing out of the scraped skin.

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The tramp screamed and touched her finger to the oozing blood.

To that part of the lake where the asphalt is still oozing up.

The vehicle contained a roll of gauze and Dean bound his own stiffening leg after spreading a disinfectant on the oozing abrasion.

Her eyes settled on the black laced blood oozing from her arm into the bladder.

He produced a pouch oozing with the unmistakable odor of honey.

Although I have faced them many times and cast them down and made them bite the dust, yet they rise again and menace me with pale looks, until like Bob Acres I feel my courage oozing out at my finger ends.

Capillary bleeding is a general oozing from a raw surface.