Sentence Examples with the word onyx

There are more than 300 quarries which produce, amongst other stones, onyx and beautiful white and red marbles.

Important mines of gold and silver, considerable deposits of wolframite, valuable ores of molybdenum and vanadium, and quarries of onyx marble, are also worked.

Algerian onyx from Ain Tekbalet was used by the Romans, and many ancient quarries have been found near Kleber in the department of Oran, some being certainly those from which the long-lost Numidian marbles were taken.

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Square; the largest onyx known, 63 in.

Chalcedony, carnelian, onyx and cat's eyes are found in New South Wales; and it is probable that they are also to be met with in the other states, particularly in Queensland.

Some marble is quarried at Beaver in Beaver county, and Utah onyx has been used for interior decoration, notably in the city and county building of Salt Lake City.

Among its interior adornments is an onyx font, some fine wood carving in the choir, and the silver doors to the shrines of its chapels.

In the ruins of a building, attached by him to the temple of Nina, terra-cotta bas-reliefs of the king and his sons have been found, as well as the heads of lions in onyx, which remind us of Egyptian work and onyx plates.

High, adorned with marble columns, and cased with mosaic of the most varied designs; a fountain of alabaster - of the kind known as Algerian onyx - stands in the alabaster-paved inner court; and 72 columns support the arches of the interior.

His flashing eyes were deep-set, and in colour resembled the onyx with its double band of brown and grey.