Sentence Examples with the word onychophora

This class has been named the Prototracheata or Onychophora (see Arthropoda), and may be most appropriately placed in the system in the neighbourhood of the Myriapoda, though it must not be forgotten that it differs from the Myriapoda more than the Myriapoda differ from other Arthropoda, and that in some respects it presents features which recall the segmented worms (Annelida).

We are also, by the isolation of Peripatus and the impossibility of tracing to it all other tracheate Arthropoda, or of regarding it as a degenerate offset from some one of the tracheate classes, forced to the conclusion that the tracheae of the Onychophora have been independently acquired.

The Arthropod eye appears to be an organ of special character developed in the common ancestor of the Euarthropoda, and distinct from the Chaetopod eye, which is found only in the Onychophora where the true Arthropod eye is absent.