Sentence Examples with the word onomasticon

See Sallust, Jugurtha; Orelli's Onomasticon Tullianum; Asconius, In Scaurum; Aurelius Victor, De viris illustribus, 72; A.

I (1897); also Steuding in Roscher's Lexikon der Mythologie and De Vit's Onomasticon (suppt.

The maps which accompany St Jerome's translation of the Onomasticon of St Eusebius (388).

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After studying at Leipzig, he went to Amsterdam, where he edited Homer and the Onomasticon of Julius Pollux for Wetzstein the publisher.

The Onomasticon places it 7 m.

Eusebius in his Onomasticon uses it as a central point from which the distances of other towns are measured.

Norberg (Codex Nazaraeus, liber Adami appellatus, 3 vols., Copenhagen, 1815-1816, followed by a lexicon in 1816, and an onomasticon in 1817), is so defective as to be quite useless; even the name Book of Adam is unknown to the Mandaeans.

Trans., 1897); Orelli, Onomasticon Tullianum; Dio Cassius xli.

Civ.; for the references in Cicero see Orelli's Onomasticon Tullianum.

Cicero had a high opinion of his intellectual powers, and considered him a great orator (see Orelli, Onomasticon Tullianum).