Sentence Examples with the word only if

Thus the highest idea is that of goodness; things are, only if they are good; being without well-being is naught.

It must not be overlooked that the living cells of the plant react upon the parasite as well as to all external agencies, and the nature of disease becomes intelligible only if we bear in mind that it consists in such altered metabolismdeflected physiologyas is here implied.

It was all he heard anymore, that Katie would be safe and happy only if he wasn.t around.

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The immigrant is worth what it has cost to bring him up only if he is able-bodied, honest and willing to work.

The Spartan was essentially a soldier, trained to obedience and endurance: he became a politician only if chosen as ephor for a single year or elected a life member of the council after his sixtieth year had brought freedom from military service.

Under these circumstances the probable utility of the operations could be admitted only if the fry were sedentary and could be planted in suitable localities where young fish were naturally scarce.

Amyraut consented to be orator only if the assembly authorized him to stand.

It would apply only if the spectrum had no infra-red and ultraviolet extensions.

The question as to stability of equilibrium belongs essentially to kinetics; but we may state by anticipation that in cases where gravity is the only force which does work, the equilibrium of a body or system of bodies is stable only if the depth of the centre of gravity be a maximum.

In 1901 Belgium renounced the repayment of its loans and the payment of interest, reserving the right to annex the state, whose financial obligations to Belgium would revive only if that kingdom should renounce its rights to annex the Congo.