Sentence Examples with the word ongoing

In rural areas, the ongoing marginalization of poor farmers has led them to depend increasingly upon subsistence agriculture.

Many academics appeared complacent about the ongoing bombing of Afghanistan, while others viewed it with cheerful approval.

Information will be disseminated on an ongoing basis as the work progresses.

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Our family is prone to ongoing disappointment and treason.

An ongoing debate is whether a high amount of energy raises a nation or region's gross national product (GNP) or whether rising GNP increases the consumption of energy.

The parent took away the toys because of the children's ongoing disputes.

By dawn, the intruders were driven beyond the breached wall, and stonecutters and woodworkers summoned to begin repairing the wall behind the ongoing battle.

The dichotomy of nature versus nurture is an ongoing debate.

This action will culminate the editioning of this piece as an ongoing process, culminating when the entire edition is sold.

What my wife neglected to state was the ongoing need for the big three of food, clothing and shelter and that our New York jobs, even if they felt absurd by comparison, were needed in support of attaining them.