Sentence Examples with the word one-way

I went down a one-way street the wrong way and he didn't have the guts to follow.

Those boys want to take Vinnie on a one-way fishing trip.

The boys were glad to earn 50 bucks and DeLeo was polite enough not to ask why a 74-year-old man was renting a one-way automobile.

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In 1892, at Warwick, the competitions related to ploughs - single furrow (a) for light land, (b) for strong land, (c) for press drill and broad-cast sowing; two-furrow; three-furrow; digging (a) for light land, (b) for heavy land; and one-way ploughs.

She could pay it this month or put the three hundred dollars towards a one-way ticket to wherever she wanted to be when she died.

The one-way plough lays the furrows alternately to its left and right, so that they all slope in the same direction.

In the United Kingdom steam ploughing is generally carried on on the double-engine system (introduced by Messrs John Fowler about 1865), in which case two sets of ploughs are arranged on the one-way balance principle, so that while one set is at work the other is carried clear of the ground.