Sentence Examples with the word one-third

In the colonia parziaria the peasant executes all the agricultural work, in return for which he is housed rent-free, and receives onesixth of the corn, one-third of the maize and has a small money wage.

Bangkok, the capital, with some 650,000 inhabitants, is about one-third Chinese, while in the suburbs are to be found settlements of Mohns, Burmese, Annamites and Cambodians, the descendants of captives taken in ancient wars.

According to Liebig, potassium is the essential alkali of the animal body; and it may be noted that sheep excrete most of the potassium which they take from the land as sweat, one-third of the weight of raw merino consisting of potassium compounds.

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Under terzieria the owner furnishes stock, implements and seed, and the tiller retains only one-third of the principal products.

The Dutch government claimed the wreck and granted one-third of the salvage to bullion-fishers.

The condition of the numerous agricultural laborers (who constitute one-third of the population) is, except in some regions, hard, and in places absolutely miserable.

The sawbwa now works as contractor for government, which takes one-third of the net profits.

The inner circle of communicant members is hardly more than one-third of the total.

This exceptionally wasteful process, in which only one-third of the sulphur is recovered, has been improved by conducting the fusion in a sort of kiln.

A widower is in any case entitled by courtesy to one-third of his wife's real estate, and he may choose between his rights by courtesy and the provisions of his wife's will.